About Us

      Hi, my name is Dee Dee owner of Celebrity Status which I consider a lifestyle. Back in 2016, I weighed 230 pounds when I realized that. I decided to commit to a healthy way of living. I'm a huge fan of working out so I thought why not take what I love to do every day and turn it into a business.  That's when celebrity status was created in 2021. We're starting off with athletic wear that will have you looking good and feeling sexy while at the gym.

     My second item is our waist shaper, which is our top selling item, perfect for working out or simply handling your everyday way of living. This shaper is designed to mold your waist into the Hourglass figure. As Celebrity Status expands we will be adding full body shapers to the website. No matter your shape or size every woman deserves an hourglass shape. I have dedicated my life since 2016 to transform my body into my own body goals. I'm snatched! sis, and now you can be too. 



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